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Healthcare providers, bruised by the economic decline of 2008, lost a vital percentage of their client base as a result of mass layoffs and loss of medical and dental insurance protection coupled with rapidly increasing costs of medical care. In order to recoup their patient numbers to keep their practices afloat, dentists and doctors, are left with little alternative but to cut their finances on standard marketing and advertising by utilizing medical and internet dental marketing strategies as opposed to broadcast media marketing and print ads to improve public awareness by generating clinic-specific website pages to reach out to potential individuals in their communities. Many physicians have switched to social media as an increasingly popular method to market their practices; nevertheless, the considerable opportunities that this new technological innovation offers leaves many bewildered on exactly how to best make use of it.

“The easiest way for medical professionals and dentists to use social media to pick up particular attention for their clinics is to make short video clips and infomercials to put on the internet,” states Helmut Flasch, a dental practice management specialist and CEO of Doctor Relations, Inc., a dental consulting firm based in theSan Fernando Valley of Southern California. “Once you have your video clips posted onto video sites like YouTube and Metacafe, the major search engines like Google and Ask will determine you as an opinion leader.”

Flasch indicates that Google will index the presence of a specific video that is showing up throughout the internet and if it is appearing in several different places, the video is going to be deemed newsworthy enough to secure a top page ranking . “YouTube, Metacafe and DailyMotion are typically websites which get an enormous quantity of visitors. When individuals locate an item they like there, they begin featuring it by distributing it to their friends and to additional websites, that make it go viral. This is a form of advertising without having to spend very much at all and other individuals are doing it for you by using social media,” he says.

As an additional point, Mr. Flasch denotes that physicians should have weblogs rather than a website mainly because there are almost no coding demands. An additional benefit is that a blog also leaves individuals the option for using it for interactive objectives by leaving comments and conversing with other posters . “It is far more useful to update and make small adjustments to a blog on a regular basis by publishing a quick article summary or a video clipthan it is to revise an entire internet site with several pages that are inundated with information and data,” says Mr. Flasch. “You need to make sure to post new content material to your blog several times a week because Google tracks the regularity of blog revisions, which generally, elevates your page position, and ultimately, your exposure to potential visitors.”

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Flasch wraps up by reminding health practitioners that the video clips they create need to be distributed to sites other than their own blogs, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter . “Social marketing is a group effort. The firms and offices that employ a social media coordinator who can generate article content and videos on a regular basis will do very well.” Flasch finishes by saying that social media as a marketing tool cannot be pushed aside by professionals who employ dentist internet marketing.

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